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finessTV Stand alone

Via DLNA/UPnP, the SAT-IP TV receiver provides a playlist of available live TV channels for selection on the Mac. After the desired selection, the TV transmission is started on the Mac.


Watching TV on your Mac - effortless and uncomplicated!

finessTV Server

Connect, stream, manage!

The finessTV server streams the live channel of a TV receiver or archived films to clients on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Offer friends and people you know the opportunity to watch TV and films on their Apple devices, no matter where they are - over the Internet - borderless at (almost) any place in the world!


Film & TV-Manager and Streaming professional - the finessTV Server!

finessTV Client on AppleTV

Watch TV programmes and films and share them with friends.

Clients can connect to the server from outside the local WLAN, select the desired TV channel and enjoy the programme. If desired, friends can be invited to share TV programmes and archived films. 


Watch movies and TV and share with friends

finessTV Client on iPhone & iPad

Connect, select a TV channel and enjoy the programme!

After a successful connection with the finessTV server, the client displays the available TV channels in a list and the current live stream in a replay view.


Just watch television!

finessTV Client on the Mac

Watch TV on the Mac via the finessTV Server

There is also a client application for the Mac that displays the TV channels after connecting to the finessTV server. Furthermore, the display of EPG data is offered, which shows information about the title and content as well as the beginning and end of a program.


Watching TV on the Mac - it's possible!


finessTV Server and Clients

finessTV Stand Alone